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Smile Hoppiness: Brewhouse & Healthy Smiles

Beer fans unite! The scene of enjoying craft beers in the Central Valley has been exploding with beer lovers and there are great spots to visit near Modesto, CA. It is exciting to know our beloved Central Valley has been increasing the options of places to try and revisit any time one is ready to enjoy what anyones palate loves the most. Which is why we're excited to highlight some of the best spots in town and shed some light on whether or not your beer favorites have an impact on your teeth and smile.

Best Brewhouses to visit in the Central Valley & Surrounding areas.

1. Dust Bowl Brewing Company in Turlock, CA -- Tour the facility, sample their hops, enjoy tasty dishes and play outdoors

2. Lodi Beer Company in Lodi, CA -- grab a doppelbock drawn from its gleaming copper Bavarian brew system, located in the center of the brewpub’s dining room, and the concept of the Central Valley as a craft beer destination will begin to make perfect sense.

3. House of Pendragon Brewing Company in Clovis, CA -- has its taproom; try a pint of Merlin’s Midnight Mild. In Visalia, at the valley’s south end, stop in at Brewbakers Brewing Company for a taste of its signature Sequoia Red.

Is Beer Truly Bad For Your Teeth?

We love our Central Valley and enjoy thriving communities within Modesto and surrounding areas. But should you be worried that your favorite brew might be bad for your teeth? As they say, everything in moderation! You shouldn’t hesitate to partake in Oktoberfest (if you feel inspired to do so), but be sure to brush your teeth when you get home to remove the excess sugar that may be hanging out in your mouth. Beer tooth decay is a real thing, and it often occurs when people neglect to properly brush their teeth after enjoying their favorite adult beverages. The longer you let sugar sit on your teeth, the more susceptible your enamel will be to wear and tear, which can eventually lead to decay and cavities.

Worried that you may be accumulating plaque from your recent beer endeavors? Not to worry, we’re here to help! Arc Dental understands that part of living a healthy and fulfilling life is to enjoy the things you love, including craft beer. Good news, you can enjoy that craft beer and have a healthy smile too! You just need to keep up with regular teeth cleanings to keep your teeth happy and healthy. Need to schedule that next dental checkup and cleaning? Request your next appointment with a one of our friendly team members!

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